How to defrost fish safely

We deliver all of our fish and seafood market fresh and individually vacuum packed and freezing your fish is a great way to keep it fresh until you cook it. With our individually Our Seabird System makes this very easy and you don’t need to do anything else but simply put your fish in your freezer.

But how do you make sure you defrost your fish properly so you can enjoy it at its best? If you’re not keen on cooking the fish from frozen, here are some methods you can try.

Method 1: In the refrigerator

Your frozen fish should be well packaged and sealed. Check the condition of the fish before thawing it to make sure it has been preserved well in the freezer. This is where our packaging makes it super easy but otherwise, make sure you follow this tips to safely freeze your fish.

Defrosting Salmon

Plan ahead when you will need your fish and put your fish in the refrigerator the day before, to let it thaw gradually. This method takes the most time (several hours) but it’s the best way to preserve the taste and texture. Don’t be tempted to let the fish thaw on a kitchen counter as the outer parts of the fish could start to go bad.

Thawed fish will have the same texture as fresh fish, it might smell a bit more fishy than fresh fish but it shouldn’t be off-putting. If you have stored and thawed the fish properly the taste and texture will be just the same.

salmon on ice

>>Method 2: In cold water