How to check your fish is fresh

Not many people can venture out and catch their own fish to guarantee freshness, so how do you know a fresh fish when you see one?

If you order fresh fish and seafood from us via our fresh fish online shop, we won’t send you any products unless they pass the following six tests.

1.  Look into the eyes
If you are buying a whole fish like Seabass or Trout, the eyes should be clear and bulging out slightly.  Avoid cloudy, sunken or indented eyes as this is a surefire sign that the fish isn’t at it’s freshest.

2.  Give it the firm-ness test
Whole fish or filleted fish should have firm and shiny flesh. If you can rely on your sense of touch (by that I mean if the fishmonger will let you or if it is packaged), press the skin – if it remains indented and doesn’t spring back up this is another sure sign that the fish isn’t at it’s freshest and should be avoided.

3.  Shiny or Dull?
Look out for fillets of whole fish with dull flesh.  This can often mean that the fish is old. The body should have a nice slimy coat but being dull may mean it has been wiped down with a cloth or washed.

4.  Check the gills
Checking the gills, they should be a nice bright red colour and free from slime.  Slime in the gills could mean bacteria so best to avoid fish with slimy pale gills.

5.  Use your nose
The fish should smell mild, more like the sea than a fishy smell. If the fish smells fishy it has probably been there a while and should be avoided.

6.  Clear and moist
Fish fillets and steaks like Halibut and Tuna should be moist and without yellow or brown discolouration.

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