Customer Testimonials

When a customer places an order with us for the first time we always contact them afterwards to find out how they rate the service and if there’s anything we can do to improve on what we do. The information we get is very important and we also get quite a lot of positive feedback too!

Here’s some examples…

“Thank you for the fish, quality as always superb. I am so pleased to have found your postal service.”


“The fish has been outstanding. Both in quality and taste. The tuna was amazing! Love the way it is beautifully packed so we can put it straight into the freezer. Can’t wait to order more.”


“The fish is stunning – we have enjoyed all of them, especially the trout.

“Given that the fish I buy from you has a long journey to get to my home it is well worth the wait. The fish is always fresher than anything I can get locally and unfortunately we are only served by supermarkets where we are.”


“Very good quality fish and fast delivery service. It seems very difficult to get good quality fish even though I live by the sea.”


“The shopping experience was an enjoyable one and the quality of the products was excellent.”


“We have ordered a couple of times and love the products and service!”

Jim & IreneKirkcaldy

“The fish was packed in individual portions, which saves time if you want to put it in the freezer. All in all, five-star service from order to eating.”