Contacting George Hughes Fishmongers

Got a question about our products or how we deliver?

You can call us on 01236 822 330 if you’d like to ask us anything, or drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note that we are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Questions about delivery?

We’ve tried to answer as many questions as we can so it’s always worth checking out the FAQs below.  Just click on the relevant question.

What is the Seabird System?

The Seabird system is our unique way of purchasing, processing, packing and distribution to ensure our lovely fresh seafood reaches our valued customers in prime, “just bought from the shop” condition. Read more about the Seabird System.

How do I know my fish won’t be off by the time it’s delivered?

This has never happened in seven years of delivering fish in this way. It’s down to the extra effort that’s put in at our end to make this service possible. And because we only ship the freshest of fish. We’d rather tell you that something isn’t in stock than send you anything but the freshest.

Can I stick the fish I get delivered into the freezer?

YES. As part of the unique Seabird System our products are prepared in such a way that they can be frozen for a period of four months without any deterioration in quality. Be wary of some other “fresh” fish suppliers who actually supply pre-frozen fish. Avoid!

Why don’t you deliver 7 days a week?

A few reasons really. There aren’t fresh supplies of fish at the fish markets 7 days a week and we want to guarantee our customers the freshest of fish. Also, your fresh fish delivery will keep for three or four days without deterioration under proper refridgeration so it makes sense to limit the delivery days.

What happens if nobody is at home when you deliver my fish?

As part of the ordering process we take your contact details and we’ll contact you to make delivery arrangements that you are comfortable with. Our Seabird system keeps the fish in pristine condition for up to 48 hours so delivery can really be stress-free.

How do you keep the fish cool during delivery?

Within insulated boxes we place sealed frozen gel packs that will keep the temperature down for 48 hours. The time that your fresh seafood delivery is in transit is on average less than 16 hours. This is the Seabird System.

Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?

Yes we do! Contact our sales staff and we can sort something out!